Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sharing Pinterest on your website, blog and facebook page.

I would like to start off with saying that I am no internet guru and will never claim to be, but there are a few little things that I have done to enhance my website, facebook page and blog.
I have added my favourite and most relevant pinterest board to my website and I am soo ecstatic about it, that I want to share it with the world, just in case you did not know about this.

This is a screen shot of my website and you will see that on the far left I have a "follow me on pinterest" button and just under that I have a link to all my pins on my "wedding ideas" pinterest board.  It shows all the pins that I have done and if you click on it, it will take you to pinterest itself.

I think its a great idea to give your customers a little extra inspiriation.

If you have any trouble installing this, there is a help button for you on pinterest.


Sunday, 30 November 2014

DIY Personalised Christmas Salt Dough Decorations / Name Places / Gift Tags.

I totally adore these little creations.  They are so easy to make and are not "just for Christmas".

Things you will need:

Make some Salt Dough Christmas Decorations / Name Place Tags / Gift Tags.

Things You'll Need

2 c. all-purpose flour
1 c. salt
3/4 c. water
Small stamp pad set
food Colouring or acrylic paints
Hobby Paintbrushes
Cookie Cutter
Mixing bowls
Mix flour with salt and water in a deep bowl.
Knead it until it's doughy.
Add food coloring or glitter.
Make shapes by hand or with cookie cutters.
Dry the objects in the oven at 200 degrees F for about 10 minutes. They can then be painted.

This is a great little project to do with the kids.  I hope you like xx

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Upcycled Wicker Hearts DIY

I am constantly seeing these gorgeous wicker hearts, currently in store at B&Q Gillingham for £1.00 each, but I think that you can get them lots of places at a good cheap price.
I wanted to incorporate them as a little shabby chic gift, so I created some paper bunting to go over them and added a couple of handmade paper mulberry roses. 
I hope you like and given all you crafters a little idea of how you can make those wicker hearts into works of art.  Hope you like xxx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

DIY Mothers Day Gifts Painted Tin Cans and Clothes Pegs.

A while ago I helped my son create these upcycled gifts for he's teacher on his last day of term.  As usual we are always a little strapped for cash, so we couldn't afford to buy anything, thus resulting in these gorgeous gifts.  They are so easy to make, very cheap and very versatile.

As you can see, he opted to paint the tin can plain with normal emulsion paint, it took a few coats to make the colour solid so there were no signs of the metal beneath.

As you can see for the painted pegs, these are just normal wooden clothes pegs, which you can buy from any pound shop or supermarket.  He painted them with normal emulsion paint, I like to buy the tester pots, try to go for the cheapest one as basically they are all pretty much the same type of medium, there is no real need to buy Farrow and Ball on such a small project, but of course if you want to, please feel free. xx

I added a little gift tag to the pegs, explaining to the recipient what they can be used for, (just a little helper, lol) but I think this is a great little idea.

Needless to say his teacher was very pleasantly surprised, its a great little project that the kids can do and a very useful one indeed.  Being a crafter I am always needing things like the tins to put my paint brushes, scissors and pens in so I can find them easily.

I hope you like them, if you have any other ideas or comments for the cans and pegs, I would love to hear them.

Thank you very much for reading xxx

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Teach your kids and help end world hunger at the same time.

I have found the most amazing site!  Its a trivia learning site and each question you get right you earn 10 grains of rice, this is turn is donated through the World Food Programme to help end world hunger.
Its totally fantastic.  To get the best out of the site you should really create an account, you then can change the subject of your questions and also the levels which is very important if you are doing the questions with your 8 year old, lol especially when they ask for your help and you haven't got a clue, so keep it under control lol.
I sit my boy on this some days when he gets home from school, its easy to use, he is learning about world hunger, earning rice for the starving, he is learning, it is a real good feel factor plus it gets him off my case for 30 minutes, so I can continue to be "The working mum"  lol, so everybody's happy!
I advise EVERYONE to create an account, its great to keep your brain active too, you know for us old folk, I totally adore this site and I hope that you do too.
I have added a link on my sidebar, please please check this out xx
Please come back and tell me what you think of the site, I would really love to hear your views.

Thank you for reading xx

Sunday, 26 January 2014

DIY Paper Mache Box into Keepsake Mothers Day Gift.

I have always been a huge fan of "the box" you know the things you put all your crap... er I mean the thing that you put your treasures that you dont want on display.
My favourites are huge wooden ones, but unfortunately you can only fill your house up with so many of those until it becomes quite difficult to move around the house, so I have moved on to smaller boxes and I love them, but the paper mache kind, they are so easy to craft and everyone loves a pretty box, especially women, BUT the great thing about these boxes is that they can also be decorated for boys and men too, something to put their pens and rubbers into or screws and loose change.

Here I have decorated a paper mache box for my mum and I will be giving it to her for Mothers Day.

What you will need.
  1. Scissors.
  2. PVA Glue.
  3. Sandpaper.
  4. Paint.
  5. Embellishments to decorate.

I used my left over gift wrapping paper that I got from Asda, only 80p for two sheets.

 Measure your lid and the sides of your lid, by eye or with a ruler.  It doesnt have to be spot on as we will be sanding the edges down, I just used my eye.

Put some PVA glue on the lid of the box, not too thick as this will make the paper have lots of bubbles and become thin and tear, I smooshed the glue on with my fingers and made sure I got all the edges of the lid, then stick on your paper.

Cut off any edges with your scissors and your lid should look something like this.

I just painted the box with a tester pot I had at home, these cost around £1.00 or so at most DIY stores.

Once the box had all dried, especially the lid with the glue, I know its very easy to get excited at this point and rush things, but you musnt.  Wait until the lid and glue are completely dry, then sand down the edges to give it a worn look.  
I then cut off the stems of some mulberry paper roses and stuck them to the bottom of the box, make sure you put the lid on when you are arranging where to put your embelishments.

And voila.
I hope you like this, the whole project is really pretty cheap and if you buy a multi pack you can have lots, maybe use them as favours at a party or wedding.

Thank you for checking out my DIY Mothers Day Keepsake Box Gift.

Friday, 10 January 2014

DIY Hand Made Mothers Day Card / Booklet / Notebook

This year I want to spoil my mum with love and time on Mothers Day.

My mum loves our home made cards and so this Mothers Day I wanted to make her something which was a card but also doubled up as a gift if you like.  I wanted to make something where the kids could have fun drawing in and writing messages, so I created a little card with pages in so its kind of like a little notebook.
Heres a little tutorial to possibly give you some ideas for your mum this Mothers Day. I hope you like it xx.

First I bought a pack of blank cards with envelopes from the pound shop, god I love that shop.
Then I got about 4 sheets of plain A4 paper.
Measured them up so they would fit inside the card and cut them to size.
Then I folded the A4 sheets in half so they would fit nicely into the card as a little book.

Then when they were inside the card I attached a bulldog clip to hold all the pages still on the open side of the car.
I then got my 49p hole punch and punched 2 holes into the folded side.
I then decorated the card. I used some wrapping paper I had 89p for 2 sheets and a lace doily to decorate it.  I used  glue stick such as pritt stick to stick on the paper, PVA glue would be too wet I think.
Then I threaded some string through the holes.

Then I got some ribbon and tied it up with the string to make it secure.
I created some tabs for the pages by using some decorative paper and sellotape.
Cut your paper into small squares.
Pull off a length of sellotape ensuring to leave about 1cm over hang so you can stick this to one page of the page and the over overhang to the back of the page.

Thank you for looking and hopefully this may have given you some inspiration for you to make your mum a personal handmade card.